Tuesday, January 12, 2021

More Spider-Man Cover Recreations! Yes, MORE!

 More Spidey cover recreation commissions! Here's The Amazing Spider-Man #49 and #88, both after the great John Romita (Sr.). 

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Prince Street News: If Monster Heroes Wore Costumes!

The latest BACK ISSUE (#124, originally scheduled for an October release, delayed because of You-Know-What) is an issue dedicated to Horrific Heroes, giving me the opportunity to revisit one of my favorite Prince Street News themes, hypothetical costumes (I'm currently working on another one of these for another upcoming issue). Following up on a part of a 2018 strip in which I put Swamp Thing in a costume (as his comic book was turned from a horror book into a superhero one in order to save his struggling first series in the 1970s), I posited what five (technically six) monster heroes might look like in superhero costumes: Gloop and Gleep from The Herculoids, The Incredible Hulk, Man-Bat, Man-Thing, and Simon Garth (Marvel's Zombie). Pictured below is the strip as printed and detail on each character. 

It's (maybe) worth noting that this installment of PSN was only one page instead of the normal two, which will be happening more in the future as circumstances have dictated that I have to pull back a bit on the frequency with which I do this thing. Prince Street News is certainly a labor of love, but as the saying goes, love don't pay the bills. Wait, is that a saying? Oh, well.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Amazing Spider-Man #2 Cover Recreation

 After Steve Ditko, who else? 

Not Brand ECHH! #9 Cover Recreation

 After the late, great Marie Severin! 

Super-Team Family: Batman and Spider-Man

 This was an unusual cover recreation commission because it's not an actual comic book. SUPER-TEAM FAMILY: THE LOST ISSUES is a blog that places characters from different fictional pop culture universes together in a Photoshopped comic book cover. This particular cover is one of a handful pitting DC and Marvel's arguably most popular characters against each other. I took some liberties with the STF cover to make it a little more my own. Check out the original cover and more here

Christmas Doggos

 Just some of the many pet portraits I did over the holidays, some commissioned, some done as gifts for friends. While I myself am a cat person, turns out way more people want their dogs immortalized than cat owners do. Not that I didn't do some cats as well (which I will post at some point). But here are a bunch of dogs!! 

Friday, December 18, 2020

Emphasis on Boners (tee hee)

 This #POOC is based on an infamous Batman comic book panel (the dialogue is verbatim) from BATMAN #66 in 1951. For the full story on "The Joker's Comedy of Errors," read here, but in the meantime, here's my take on this iconic piece of artwork (originally by Bob Kane and Charles Paris). 
Oh, the original of this is available for sale in my Etsy, shop, ToughGuyGoods. It glows in a black light! 

Batman Winter Issue

 I just did this drawing yesterday (as I post this) and I think it may end up being the first in a series of comic covers redux in holiday colors. Or this may just wind up being my Christmas card next year. We'll see. In the meantime, if you are one who celebrates this particular season.... Merry Christmas. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2020


 Do you know Brian Musikoff? You should if you don't. A beloved north Jersey rock / bar fixture, member of the band, Stuyvesant, podcaster, and noted cartoonist / animation designer, Brian departed NJ for Seattle, WA some years back, and the Garden State has never been the same. For a few years now, Brian has been enlisting people to "put hair on bald Brian" using Photoshop and drawing skills, and recently enlisted me to do this mashup that really should've happened long ago. 

The Hair Room, "There's No Place Like..."

  The theme for this merch design for Jersey City salon, The Hair Room was "Wizard of OZ meets the 1980s," which of course meant giant metal hair for the Cowardly Lion. You can buy this on a bunch of different products at the Hair Room's Threadless Store

Secret Country, Under the Mistletoe

 I've done more artwork for Kearny NJ's Secret Country than any other band, but this latest work might be my favorite I've done for them. "Under the Mistletoe" is their new holiday single for 2020, including a VERY limited edition vinyl pressing. You can listen / buy on Bandcamp or snag the single at the Killing Horse Records' website

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Wings of Steel

 After a 1947 Spanish Batman comic book, Alas de Acero (translated: Wings of Steel!). The crazy colors are source-authentic.  

Prince Street News: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

 The new BACK ISSUE! (#123) focuses on the oft-turbulent love lives of superheroes. Traditionally, when one's entire life is built around hiding your true identity and racing off to help strangers both on and off world, a "normal" life is tough to maintain. The soap-operaesque nature of relationships among heroes and their partners (some civilian, some not) has been ripe fodder for stories since Lois Lane first rebuffed Clark Kent. 

This installment of Prince Street News is a mix of fanboy and layperson jokes. Some of this stuff is really weird... f'rinstance, teenaged Green Lantern Arisia had a big crush on Hal Jordan, so she used her power ring to skip some years and make herself age-appropriate for Earth's GL.... ew! When Kent Nelson donned the helmet of Dr. Fate, he became basically a different entity, with little or no connection to his wife, Inza. Abby Arcane had sex with a vegetable. You know... superhero romance! 

Next up: What if some monstrous heroes wore traditional superhero costumes? 

Green Lantern Romances

Face It, Tiger

JLA Satellite Duty

Super Secret Hearts

Monday, November 16, 2020

Spook Theater Wrapper Wredux


Holiday Peanuts POOCs

Another round of POOC (Panels Out of Context) homages to Charles M. Schulz, all holiday-themed. Expect more of these, because I am loving doing them, and with Christmas 2020 shaping up to be pretty dreary, I need all the holly jolly I can muster. Originals of these are available on my Etsy shop, ToughGuyGoods

Sunday, October 25, 2020

DC's Christmas Gift to You!

Recreation of a DC Comics 1973 house ad for SHAZAM! #1, re-introducing the original Captain Marvel (not to be confused with the Marvel Captain Marvel. Or the other Captain Marvels). Original artwork by CC Beck. 

Shazam! house ad


Yeah Yeah Candy!

 Beatles Candy Sticks

Friday, October 23, 2020

Bärcäde Mëtäl Tee-Shirt

 Classic metal-inspired tee-shirt design for Barcade (tied to the original Brooklyn location). Limited Edition, available HERE until it isn't anymore!! 

Thursday, October 22, 2020

And Still More Spider-Man Cover Recreations!

 Hey! It's another round of Spider-Man cover recreations, commissioned by my pal, Al! I've now done enough of these that Dan Greenfield kindly did a feature on them over at the wonderful 13th Dimension! Look at these, then go look at them! And then look at some other stuff! LOOKEE LOOKIE LOOOO!!! 

Sorry, I've been at the computer all day, I'm a little batty. What we have here are redos of THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #2 originally painted by John Romita (Marvel dabbled in this new magazine format in the late Sixties before diving in later in the Seventies, albeit mostly in non-superhero genres), THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #3 originally by Steve Ditko (introducing Doctor Octopus), ASM #89 (that darned Doc Ock again!) and ASM #136, with the Green Goblin (or, Green Goblin Jr.), both by Romita. 

Avengers Annual #2 Cover Recreation

 After the great John Buscema!