Sunday, September 24, 2017

Prince Street News: Bronze Baby!

BACK ISSUE! hits its 100th issue with a special giant sized look at comic book fandom in the Bronze Age, and man, does it pack a nostalgic wallop for those of us who relied on fanzines like THE COMIC READER, THE COMICS BUYERS GUIDE, FOOM, and THE AMAZING WORLD OF DC COMICS for news of upcoming books way back yonder in those pre-Internet days.

For the issue, I did a "special" installment of Prince Street News, a 43-panel overview of a mere sampling of the vast goodness that spewed forth from the squeaky spinner racks of the 1970s and '80s. Hardcore fanboys of a certain age may well be able to identify every reference (mostly comic book covers), but hopefully those of you who never had the experience of bugging your parents for spare pocket change to forage some action / adventure / humor / chills / et al at the drugstore can still get a sense of the wonder those days incurred.

NEXT ISSUE: It's the return of a theme that once went viral on this here Internet! Installment FIVE of COMIC CHARACTERS' FAVORITE MUSICAL ARTISTS (and I'll be posting it with all the other strips, including some updated / altered selections, so it'll be the definitive version)...

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Barcade Boards IV

Hey, here's another batch of random chalkboard scrawlings done over the past few years at various Barcade locations (two of which I also sling drinks for a living)... I'll get to do this again soon as they/we open the seventh location in downtown Newark NJ (where I also happen to live, so this will be a quick commute). The photo at the top is me doing my most frequent update, redoing the draft list in Jersey City (my primary location). Also, there's an embarrassing typo in one of the photos, in which I screw up our slogan, "The Original Arcade Bar" by adding the company's "B" in front of "Arcade," making it kind of superfluous. I later fixed it.  There are a few repeated themes in this gallery from the previous three, but heck, it's been a while, you probably don't remember.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Prince Street News: Of Cape and Cowl

BACK ISSUE! #95 spotlights "Creatures of the Night" with features on Moon Knight (a character whose relative worth was a source of battle between me and my pal Billy Alpha), Ghost Rider, Eclipso, Night Nurse (really!), I... Vampire!, and, of course, the Batman. Rather than do a PSN about Night Nurse, I opted to delve into Batman's costume evolution over the years. In dealing with the Caped Crusader's live action adaptations, there was way too much detail to do the drawings in the allotted space on the ol' bristol, so I drew them all large and placed them in the strip. And, MAN, are those modern movie costumes ridiculously detailed! LESS IS MORE, I always say, and not just because they're a pain in the butt to draw! I mean, relative realism is one of the things that makes Batman attractive, but c'mon, Lucius / Alfred / whoever's responsible in any given version... he ain't Iron Man!

Anyway. Up next in BACK ISSUE! #98, I tackle the thorny topic of comic book continuity... see ya then.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Prince Street News: What's So Stinky About the Big Red Cheese?

The current BACK ISSUE! (#93) is an ALL-CAPTAINS issue, featuring stories on Captains Mar-Vell, Carrot, Storm, Universe, Victory, and of course, the original Captain Marvel, now unfortunately known as his magic word, Shazam! Prince Street News takes a look at the mostly-unsuccessful efforts to make the character (once the most popular superhero on the newsstands) fit into modern comic book contexts, from the Bronze Age through today (there's also a Blondie joke of which I'm rather proud).

Next up! A look at Batman's outfits. It's more complicated than you think.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Prince Street News: What If Superheroes Wore Their Ben Cooper Costumes?

The new BACK ISSUE! is another swell Halloween-themed issue (Swamp Thing fans owe it to themselves to pick up a copy) for which I expanded a 2013 project supposing what superheroes would look like if they actually wore their Ben Cooper Halloween costumes instead of their traditional crimefighting duds. Below is the strip as it appears in the magazine and the individual pieces of art done for the piece.

I should also repost a link to a gallery I put up on Pops Gustav at the same time of just some of those great (and not-so-great) boxed costumes from the Silver and Bronze Age of not just comics, but trick-or-treating as well.

Coming up next in PSN: What's So Stinky About the Big Red Cheese?