Friday, January 31, 2014

Prince Street News: Hulk Smash!

It's been almost a half a year since I've had a Prince Street News strip in BACK ISSUE! Magazine, but the wait, she has come to an end (even if I was the only one waiting)... BACK ISSUE! #70 takes a long green gaze at the Incredible Hulk's Bronze Era, and for the issue, I reflected upon the iconic television show starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno: What was and what might have been!

Below the strip is the recreation of the cover of THE INCREDIBLE HULK #152 by Herb Trimpe and John Severin.

PSN returns in BI! #73 with a look at the mostly unfortunate sartorial choices of one iconic Boy Wonder.

TV Sound CD cover

Jersey-bred rock without the cheese! TV Sound returns with AMBER GLASS HIGH, their first album in over a decade, and it is SO worth the wait! My pal Jinglejeff Maiore and the fine folks as Killing Horse Records asked me to do the design of the CD, utilizing some photos from Jeff's archives (Tony Baloney!), and here are the results. Now go buy the disc. Do it.

My Three Nipseys

I worked with my pal, Beel Hamilton on the design and layout for the band Nipsey's new ep, AS SEEN ON TV, which incorporated some olde-timey TV GUIDE style graphics, including this ad for the legendary program, MY THREE NIPSEYS. Remember? Remember?

Désir Decir flyer

A found image flyer for the band Désir Decir's show (with the Money Shot) at the Keyhole in Jersey City, 2/26/14! Go!