Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Prince Street News: What's So Stinky About the Big Red Cheese?

The current BACK ISSUE! (#93) is an ALL-CAPTAINS issue, featuring stories on Captains Mar-Vell, Carrot, Storm, Universe, Victory, and of course, the original Captain Marvel, now unfortunately known as his magic word, Shazam! Prince Street News takes a look at the mostly-unsuccessful efforts to make the character (once the most popular superhero on the newsstands) fit into modern comic book contexts, from the Bronze Age through today (there's also a Blondie joke of which I'm rather proud).

Next up! A look at Batman's outfits. It's more complicated than you think.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Prince Street News: What If Superheroes Wore Their Ben Cooper Costumes?

The new BACK ISSUE! is another swell Halloween-themed issue (Swamp Thing fans owe it to themselves to pick up a copy) for which I expanded a 2013 project supposing what superheroes would look like if they actually wore their Ben Cooper Halloween costumes instead of their traditional crimefighting duds. Below is the strip as it appears in the magazine and the individual pieces of art done for the piece.

I should also repost a link to a gallery I put up on Pops Gustav at the same time of just some of those great (and not-so-great) boxed costumes from the Silver and Bronze Age of not just comics, but trick-or-treating as well.

Coming up next in PSN: What's So Stinky About the Big Red Cheese?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Minimum Wage pinup

So, what we have here is the original version of a pinup I did for the trade collection of Bob Fingerman's Minimum Wage: So Many Bad Decisions (Image Comics, 2016). Bob kindly asked me to contribute to the book, but thought that one of the figures in the final piece didn't quite work, so he re-inked the piece (a collaboration that I was happy to have). If you wanna see the final version, you just have to buy the book (which you should do anyway, because it's great).

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Prince Street News: Top Comic Book Women of the '80s

Hey! Been a while. How's things? Oh, good, good. It's PSN time again, as the new BACK ISSUE! (#90) focuses on Eighties Ladies in the comics (the term, "ladies" presumably utilized because it rhymes with "eighties," as quite a few of the female characters covered in the issue would probably chafe at being referred to as such).

My highly subjective list of my favorite comic book females of that dayglo era includes some predictable choices (Abby Cable, Dark Phoenix, Catwoman and Black Cat), some lesser-known characters (Madame Xanadu, Cinder, and my own Dial H for Hero superheroine, Sonik), and the obvious top spot (the women of Love & Rockets, perhaps the greatest comic book series of all time).

Prince Street News returns in BI! #92, a Halloween issue, in which I expand upon a series of drawings I did a couple of years ago that got some coverage on the Internets....

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Prince Street News: Should Superman and Batman Be Friends?

The new BACK ISSUE! is out, synergistically timed to coincide with this weekend's hotly-yet-pessimistically anticipated blockbuster, BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. My thoughts on the movie in advance of seeing it (by a day) are posted over on Pops, but this installment of PRINCE STREET NEWS deals with the larger issue first brought up by Frank Miller in the 1980s: Should Superman and Batman be friends?

For those of us who grew up reading comic books in the early Bronze Age, the answer is, "Duh." But enough of my yappin.' Cast thine peepers on the strip (and for my less than thrilled anticipation of the movie, go here).