Thursday, August 16, 2018

Prince Street News: Golden Agers' Night!

The new BACK ISSUE!, #106 is on the stands, focusing on Bronze Age revivals of Golden Age characters (I've lost the non-fanboys already, haven't I?). For this installment of PSN, we return to Julie's Bar, the timeless tavern for comic book characters. This time we're bellying up to the bar in the 1974, a time when DC Comics was starting to bring back old characters such as The Spectre, Dr. Fate, and other Earth-2 members of the Justice Society of America (look it up). The gags in this one are pretty much all just for the fanboys, except maybe the first panel on page two. This is the second PSN in which I get to make "Comic Characters' Favorite Adult Beverages" jokes, a topic that combines two of my great loves (in case it helps you get the jokes, the characters are Uncle Sam, Bulletman, the "big guy" from Harvey Kurtzman's "Hey, Look!," Captain Tootsie (from comic book ads for Tootsie Rolls), the Spirit, The Blue Beetle, and Wonder Woman's pal, Etta Candy (who actually used to constantly shout, "Woo! Woo!"). Hilarious, right?

Okay, anyway. Next issue contains a strip that'll appeal to a wider audience, being anyone who's ever read an Archie comic book, particularly from the 1960s or '70s. Watch this space!