Sunday, September 9, 2018

Prince Street News: From Lancaster to Riverdale

Oh, did I love doing this one. BACK ISSUE! #107 is a deep dive into the Bronze Era of Archie Comics, a line for which I have tremendous love. The clean, crisp cartooning of some of those books had probably more of an impact on my style than the "straight" comic book artists I loved. To the extent where in hindsight, maybe I should've taken my portfolio to Archie instead of DC Comics back in the early '90s when I still thought this was what I wanted to do for a living.

Oh, well. At least I finally got the chance to draw the Archies... and Josie (after the New York Dolls)... and Sabrina... and Bingo... and the Mad House Glads...  and even Li'l Jinx (whom I hate). Unlike most installments of this comic strip, I'd imagine that this one will be relatable to a lot more of you beyond the aging hardcore fanboys like myself. At least I hope so.

Next up! Another look at Superman: The Movie (really!) on the cusp of its 40th anniversary.