Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Prince Street News: Top Comic Book Women of the '80s

Hey! Been a while. How's things? Oh, good, good. It's PSN time again, as the new BACK ISSUE! (#90) focuses on Eighties Ladies in the comics (the term, "ladies" presumably utilized because it rhymes with "eighties," as quite a few of the female characters covered in the issue would probably chafe at being referred to as such).

My highly subjective list of my favorite comic book females of that dayglo era includes some predictable choices (Abby Cable, Dark Phoenix, Catwoman and Black Cat), some lesser-known characters (Madame Xanadu, Cinder, and my own Dial H for Hero superheroine, Sonik), and the obvious top spot (the women of Love & Rockets, perhaps the greatest comic book series of all time).

Prince Street News returns in BI! #92, a Halloween issue, in which I expand upon a series of drawings I did a couple of years ago that got some coverage on the Internets....