Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Prince Street News: Bad (or at least questionable) Editorial Decisions of the Silver and Bronze Ages

The new BACK ISSUE! (#103) is one of those For-Fanboys-Only issues, as it focuses on ALL-STAR EDITORS rather than specific characters or comics of the Bronze Age... but if you're someone who DOES know / care about how the super-sausage was made in the 1970s, it's another deep dive that's well worth taking.

For this issue, PRINCE STREET NEWS takes a gentle swipe at some comic book editorial decisions of the Silver and Bronze Ages that, in hindsight, may not have been the wisest choices. Some of them are notorious (Denny O'Neil's de-powered Wonder Woman, giving the Blackhawks superhero-ish identities), and some are less-controversial decisions that just bugged me (making J. Jonah Jameson, Perry White, and Jim Gordon all quit smoking). But like this issue of the magazine, this installment of the strip is pretty much just for those of you who have some longboxes stashed in your home somewhere... except maybe for the JUGHEAD'S EAT-OUT COMIC BOOK MAGAZINE, which is universally hilarious.

Although seriously, check out what happens in AVENGERS #200... it is freaking disturbing.

PSN returns in BI! #106 this summer with a return to Julie's Bar for GOLDEN AGERS' NIGHT!, then again in #107 with a tribute to the Bronze Age ARCHIE COMICS line.