Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to the new TOUGH GUY...

I realize that I should've made this the FIRST post, but once I finally got rolling on this blog, I kinda forgot about the all-important introductory statement. After seven years of self-hosting TOUGH GUY GOODS & SERVICES, a receptacle for my art and writing, I decided last year to split them into two separate entities, keeping TOUGH GUY for my art and moving the writing to a new site called POPS GUSTAV. Domains were registered, files prepped and then my old computer died.

When I bought a replacement, I found that my old version of Dreamweaver no longer worked. Upon getting an updated version of said web-building software, I found that in Dreamweaver's transition from a Macromedia product to one by Adobe, it had very little in common with its former self. I was lost. Stymied. Stuck. MISSING MANUAL didn't help much. Maybe I was just becoming too old to grasp new technology? This consarned, newfangled kompyootor machine doth vex me more than ever!

After much debating (and much procrastinating), I eventually decided to use Blogger to host not only POPS (coming soon, along with a separate site to archive all of my old writings, so it doesn't look like any mentions of, say, GILMORE GIRLS can be construed as contemporary reference), but TOUGH GUY as well.

The benefits are many; Using the labels, you can now check out, say, every comic strip or poster or pinup all together. Comments are enabled (hey, maybe my old anonymous Haters will resurface!) and more customization will be coming. I'm excited about using the far more immediate format, and hopefully (Facebook be damned) will be back on track with regular posting here, at POPS and also back at 50 WORDS OR LESS....

Thanks for looking.

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