Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Dark Knight

Another piece done for ONE-SHEET REDUX, two different versions of a poster for THE DARK KNIGHT. Originally, I was planning to do a Saul Bass-style poster for a nonexistent 1950s Batman movie directed by Alfred Hitichcock. I was partially inspired by a 2003 internet hoax that claimed Orson Welles was planning to do a Batman movie in the 1940s, but I wanted to adapt a more stylized 50s aesthetic. But as I worked on the poster, it evolved (or de-evolved) into something else. No Saul Bass am I to be sure, but a simple, stylized DARK KNIGHT poster still felt like a good idea.

The second version is because after I'd finished the poster, my girlfriend said she much preferred it without the background images. I took them out and Dammit, she was right. But what the heck, here are both versions.

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