Thursday, March 24, 2016

Prince Street News: Should Superman and Batman Be Friends?

The new BACK ISSUE! is out, synergistically timed to coincide with this weekend's hotly-yet-pessimistically anticipated blockbuster, BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. My thoughts on the movie in advance of seeing it (by a day) are posted over on Pops, but this installment of PRINCE STREET NEWS deals with the larger issue first brought up by Frank Miller in the 1980s: Should Superman and Batman be friends?

For those of us who grew up reading comic books in the early Bronze Age, the answer is, "Duh." But enough of my yappin.' Cast thine peepers on the strip (and for my less than thrilled anticipation of the movie, go here).


Anonymous said...

Was "The Retail Adventures of Kalli and Rex" ever collected anywhere? I seen a few on facebook and would love to see the rest.

Pops Gustav said...

Dear Anonymous,
Yes, in 1996, Warner Bros. Records collected all of the RETAIL ADVENTURES strips under one cover as a special edition of their promotional newsletter, DIRT (in which the strip appeared). It was never commercially available, but copies sometimes pop up on eBay or Amazon.